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map sensor

  renault clio 172
Right iv had the AA out today they have told me my map sensor
Ish good told me to get new one etc. But he also said I could
Get one from all but any Renault petrol engine is this true. I have a phase
1 172

Cheers Dean
How does he know your MAP sensor has failed as they're ECU readers will not pick up faults like that on Ph1 172
  renault clio 172
Iv just had the idle control valve fitted which took the revs sky high was idling at 3000rpm so I rang AA
They sent someone out had a look around etc then un plugged map sensor and it cured the problem
So his diagnostic said map sensor,
Yea that won't be the problem. Did you have the inlet manifold off when you fitted the ICV?

Is the pipe from the ICV still connected to the inlet hose?
  renault clio 172
Nope inlet never came off to fit it was pretty simple to change and yeah all pipe work is still on ok, what else could it be?
  renault clio 172
Yep all put back on and sealed with sealant was playin up b4 I changed it as well next idea lol
You need to get it on a computer really.

Is the map sensor all the way in as if slightly out would cause a high idle.
  renault clio 172
Yeah the rubber real on the end of the sensor that goes into the inlet is bit Mullered. And won't push in currently. So atm iv got it disconnected and using it like that till tomorrow when I get new one
That's because your fuelling is now very lean.

If you disconnect your MAP sensor normally the car will basically stall as its revving so slowly.

You have a high idle because of another problem and by unplugging the MAP sensor it just bring the revs down, but as they're so high anyway it's not cutting the engine.

Have you removed throttle body or pipe that connects to the bottom of the throttle body?
  renault clio 172
Idle was all over the place and randomly idled at 2000rpm read on hear was icv so changed it made it worse lol
  Silver Clio 172 Phase 1
Try flicking your electrical ignition on off about 10 times and see if that helps.
I read somewhere that you need to "set" the new icv with the ecu or something.
Worked for me when i changed my ICV it was up around 3-4k revs then tried this and it slowly came down!