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Mapping on standalone ECU

  RB 182
Hi there, does anyone know the maximum degrees the clio 172 runs timing wise or even better anyone have an ignition map they would share.
I've got some values which the car is running reasonable well at but feel I could add more advance to most of the map but would like to know my limits before going to far and risking damage :)

any help appreciated

what management are you running? As I'm sure your aware, you'll get far better results if you just stump the £300 for a map on RR. It's nearly impossible to get good ignition mapping done on the road.
good luck tho, sounds an awesome project

K-Tec Racing

ClioSport Trader
there is no set value, its completly dependant on fuel, the engine, compression etc etc

i would strongly advise NOT to play with it unless you know what your doing as you will damage your engine.

too much advance (and you still may not be able to hear it from outside the car) and you will cause detonation and melt your piston or crack a ring land.

you MUST have an engine listening device to accuratly do this and then you really need it on the rolling road to achieve the best results.

  RB 182
Thanks guys, I guess the main advise is get it rolling roaded.. but I have a sprint event next weekend and the chances of getting it booked in are slim, fortuantley it's only 900yrds per run.. so I was looking for some safe parameters.

Mark One.. it's an emerald ECU with adaptive mapping..

I did get a map for a 182 with throttle bodies when I got it back from an upgrade would the ignition map be really that different for essentially the same engine?

Also I though detonation was when it's to far retarded? and pinking was a sign of too much advance

again I appreciate you advice

  2005 Nissan Navara
detonation with regards to ignition timing, is caused by too much advance. Pinking is a longstanding garage term for detonation.

I'd hazard a guess the map they have sent you will be ok, thats if the spec is the same and it was a good example (of mapping) in the first place.