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Mark 1 1.2L conversion to 1.8 16v or 2.0L


ClioSport Moderator
Just seeing what exactly i would need and what other people have done, with an approx cost of it all done.

Just checking what would the overall price for a Mark 1 1.2L Phase 3 conversion to 1.8 16V F7P engine including driveshafts, hubs and extras would be a overall cost?

Anything i need to know before i go and do this conversion?

Such as will a 1.2 gearbox fit into the F7P and what effects could this have?

What would i need to realistically upgrade for this all to work?

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honestly mate for the price valvers go for just go and buy one! then you will have everything already there, because you will need subframe also, plus loads of other stuff, id go and buy a valver, just my opinion matey tho :)

id guess you would need to change:
cooling system (rad etc)
suspension,hubs etc
wiring loom
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same exact stuff as you would need when doing a 172 conversion on the ph2's (and thats been covered loads)

bar the complex electronics obviously no uch and what not