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Market research :) how about a six speed box...

ok.. looking at seeling some 6 speed box conversions (close ratio) for the valver/williams and 172 mk1 n 2.

price for a bolt on kit.. nothing else needed, about £1300.

this will include everything.. linkages, box, adapter plates etc.

how much interest would there be ??

this would be all BRAND NEW ITEMS..

other consideration at the mo are 6 speed sequential auto boxes.. (NOTE not the ones in the cup racers !!).. but still bloody good.. tiptronic control..

bolt in kit all new for £2000 (Including control computer)

Joe ?????

Sounds interesting Joe.

Might be an obvious question, but would they be set to still have enough legs to cruise comfortably at m/way speeds?

Like the idea of six speeds to get around the somewhat awkward mid ratios of the 172 but I do a lot of m/way miles too so would need tractability up there.

Does that make sense?


v.interested as i have emailed you about.....just need details, awaiting your response!

BTW, im trying to copy the manual and buy a paper copy 4 ya.

Hi, no probs Ben its all a bit theoretical at the mo.. I have got an actual 172 engine spare now.. we are trying to locate a suitable sixer.. you will have no probs (I wil mail ya!)

Then it will be fitted to my car and any adapters and alteration made, then offered for sale as a complete kit.

As for drivability, I want to look at the ratio area between 2.8 (ie 2nd gear and 80%) to 5.3 (5th at 30%). and fit the cog in there

Cheers on the manual, many thanks..


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

This is summat Renault should do I reckon as the 172 would be awesome with a closer ratio box, but the 6th gear will still allow it to cruise well on the motorway.
  CTR EK9 turbo

like the Dodge Vipers 6th gear, isnt it like 1500 rpm at 150 mph! (ive no idea what it really is by the way..) Id be interested in the 6 speeder, but id need some money first fingers crossed for saturday!

lets keep or fingers crossed this works out huh

the turbo mod worked out just fine, the theory is sound.. and all the bits fitted.. so lets hope.

Nice 5GGT u got too Sir.. I might just have to reconsider the track day kit car and buy one of those pocket rocket ships LOL..



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

It aint really that bad, Ill e-mail you some pics of it or even better well just go and look at it, as its been sat in my mates garage for over 18 months now.

As for an engine, I have a good spare, that just needs a head gasket, but I wasnt gonna sell it. The plan is/was to re-build that engine too but mod the head, get a cam, etc...

But, I can get you an engine & box no probs. I mentioned last night I know a lad in Padiham that breaks R5 GTTs and he has loads of stuff. Can get a good engine & box no probs.

Or... just do what I did with that white one!

email me with a price.. you have got my interest

Hey.. I just realised.. you sold me bloody exhaust last night !!!! LOLOLOLOL..

Seriously would be interested.


Joe - 6 speeds? Yes please! Especially if you could let me know what the speeds in each gear at full revs will be. How much do you reckon to get the kit fitted? Would also need some time to save up the cash for it.

E-mail me about it if you have more details.