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MR2 2ZZ FS £2500 ono (Leeds)

Trader Rating - 100%
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Another cheap 2ZZ Roadster going here on MR2OC, needs a few minor bits and MOT but i'd bet he'd take £2k for it.

2000 PFL 2ZZ Roadster for Sale (

I've owned this car for around 4 years now, and it's been great fun on the road and the track. But my priorities have changed so don't really have the time to finish this project.

The 1zz let go on a track day at Blyton and I swapped a 2zz shortly after, but then life got in the way (wedding and kids), and I've not had much time over the last couple of years to finish it off.

It would make a great track car or project for someone with the time and knowhow to finish it off.

So it's with regret that I'm offering for sale my Black 2000 PFL 2ZZ Roadster.


-Good from afar, but far from perfect. It has some scratches and scuffs but isn't in the worst shape
-Soft top, no tears or holes
-It had a new cross member fitted just before I bought it, and I have since treated some rust on the rear members/sills


-No head unit
-Leather seats are in good condition, no rips or tears
-I think it used to be a hardtop model as it has AC
-Dished aftermarket steering wheel with Momo collapsible boss, and airbag resistor fitted (I do have the old standard wheel if needed)
-Generic racing knob (can't remember the brand, but got it from demon tweaks)

Engine, Gearbox & Exhaust

-2zz from a corolla t-sport
-No service history came with the engine, but the guy I bought it from said it had done around 80k miles, although I have no evidence to know if he was telling the truth (the camshafts looked clean when I had the head off though)
-The ECU is one with a 8200 redline, and the keys have been reprogrammed by Headcase, so immobiliser works.
-Starts up no problem ever after long periods, battery is new and has been kept on a trickle charger
-Lift kicks in just fine
-Engine mount from Sam at SJ
-The 5 speeds roadster box is currently fitted, but I do have a 6 speed close ratio box which I will include for the asking price
-New custom Megillian Motorsport exhaust fitted (yes, I managed to get hold of one!)


-Braided hoses
-EBC Yellow stuff pads
-Handbrake is weak after the swap so probably an MOT fail. I've not got around to looking at this fully yet but I think it could be a new cable jobbie. I think the calipers are fine.

Wheels & Suspension

-15-inch PFL wheels fitted – these are in great nick, previous owner had them resprayed
-4 matching Toyo Proxes T1R with plenty of tread left
-Have a spare set of 15 rims (no tyres) which could do with a refurb or could be used as a spare set of track wheels. I will include these for the asking price.
-MeisterR ZetaCRD Coil overs fitted (5kg/mm front, 7kg/mm rear spring rates)
-Had a 4 wheel laser alignment done shortly before it blew up on track, but the rear will need doing again given it got dismantled after the engine swap.

Bad bits/to do list:

-It's got a high idle, and hunts intermittently, and I've still got a few things to rule out/try - see video here (typically it wasn't hunting when I tried to get it on vid)
-Sump has small oil leak – it has a new 1zz sump fitted but should just need to take off and refit/seal (or fit a baffled one if planning on tracking it!)
-Rear alignment needs doing
-Handbrake needs adjusting, or possibly new cables
-MOT has expired (but don't think anything other than above would need sorting beforehand)

I've tried to be as accurate and honest as I can be but please remember I'm selling this as an unfinished project, so please be aware this will need a bit of love and fettling. It would ideally need trailering away given the MOT has lapsed, but you could drive it away legally to a pre-booked MOT if you're local.

£2500 ono (I might PX/swap for a van)

I know I won't get back what I've spent, but I have priced this to sell. And for this price I'll include the 6 speed box and spare wheels, so grab yourself a bargain!

I'm in Kippax, Leeds - just off the M1/A1M.