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Mats for my V6 anyone

  3.0ltr V6

Hey peeps, does anyone know where I can get new mats for my V6. Ive asked my renault dealer but they seem to be clueless? I wouldnt mind ones with an extra bit covered where you have your heel but any that will fit would be great as you just cant seem to buy them anywhere?
  3.0ltr V6

Hey James,

What do u mean they are too short? At the top or bottom? Bottom by the looks of that picture. I have tried my renault dealer and they say I cant get any mats, rubber or other ones. Not very helpful at all are they.

the just matz ones are to short at the top, and can get caught under the pedals !!!, also the heel bit is of centre and your heel sits on the edge, making it very uncomfortable, also the quality isnt that good for the money, especially the logo which is printed on and tends to come off

the mats in the picture are mine.

i do agree with 182_blue the heel bit is annoying as they dont sit far enough to the left on the drivers side. still not had a problem with the logos coming off :S. Pitty really as i do like the look of them.......oh well

for the money i guess its not to bad. £59 for front and back with the colour and logo of your choice.

However if they do die on me i will look around for another company.
  3.0ltr V6

Thanx Zorba but that doesnt give me anymore encouragement to get those from that company. Me thinks I will stay with James idea :D
  3.0ltr V6

do the rubber mats not make it look a bit cheap and nasty? im still not too sure about this one. I like the material ones as brings a little class but they wear quickly.
  Clio v6

The rubber mats do look somewhat cheap, but I drive the car a lot and Im not so bothered about the showy side of things, and I dont look at my feet when Im driving. When it comes time to sell it I might get something pretty for the floor.

That is Renault part number for the rubber set.