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Max Power

Anyone seen the valver in this months Max Power? Was flicking through it in Tescos, didnt but it though :D


Bodywork is awful, whats the point of having a 2.1 litre conversion with TBs if your gonna weight the car down with 11 grand of ICE?? Plus the install just looks messy and the choice of dashboard/dials colours tacky, just my opinion of course.

Oh and if my engine bay looked like that after 7 grands worth of work was done on it Id want a refund. Id expect it to be spotless for that sorta money.
  Audi S3

I dont see anything wrong with it dont like some bits of it but thats just what i think!

becide may look much better in person!

Matts right. When you jus kane peoples car just on a personal option that aint right. As long as its clean, you must relaize how much time and money people spend

Well for a start the engine work hasnt only just been done it was done ages ago and done by the previous owner not the current one. Also the install wasnt in it originally either. Personally I quite like it although the pics in the mag really dont do it justice, it does look much better in the flesh.


Max Power...

...Not quite as embarrasing as buying porn

Should definately be their new strap line :)

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Reminds me of a guy I know who has a 1.4 GTT in their clio.

Always in pieces being repaired, looks so much better on the site than in real life.

No Nick didnt do originally , he just got left to sort out the mess. Prima did the original and it blew up. (on one or two occasions) Nick has done all the lastest work though. He basically built it again from scratch.

  clio 20v

yeh i was confused when i first saw it cos ive seen it before in an issue of redline

same car but without the new bumper and ice but the engine work had been done by prima in the redline one

but i think the guy who has it now has ruined it the car, how i first seen it looked well better, the front looks sh!t, hes made it higher at the back and who spends 11 grand on a stereo sytem and specially in a car with all that engine work