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Max Power


ClioSport Club Member
  F31 330d

Fook that Max muppets - 17 year old gimps everywhere jizzing in their pants over a load of slaags. No thanks. although there will be some nice motors and birds there.

Ill be attending the one and only Tidy Weekender now on its 3rd weekender - a big fat hole k hold awaits me!....

:sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick:oh k hole :sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick:

Yeah i decided im going 2go, after i got a flyer stuck to my wiper a few weeks ago.

If anyone lives in Kings Lynn/Peterborough or generally near Wisbech then there are people meeting up in Wisbech B&Q Car Park at 6:30pm and leaving for skeg at 7pm (friday 28th March).

I will be one of them, so if uc a silver clio with a very tasteful slogan on the sunstrip (u will know what i mean if u c it) then come and say hello.


And oh yeah, as i dont live close enough to get to any of the cliosport meets it would be nice to put some faces to the names, if anyones going of course.

Hope 2cu some of u then.


Well im coming from South London, so well still deciding whether to take two cars, or just the one.

I was hoping to have the Willy by then, but it aint gonna happen now :( so my mates Punto GT it is - still a nice motor, but it aint no Willy!