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May Interest if you want a turbo

Two grand is not a bad price!

...But personally id rather wait for BBPT to release their turbo conversion rather than buying a none proven system from a dutch company!

Is this the system that Ben with the 16v turbo at the southend meet had?

Seriously Rob!?!? I hadnt seen it about for a while!!:eek:

To be honest it was running pretty haggard before eh! That is a bastid though innit!! :(

Ah nice one Rob you just reminded to call Jon again!! Putting my 16v in for its service on Monday!! Woohoo! :D

As for Ben, that is truely horrible if thats the case! :(
  BMW 320d Sport

Well the fastchip stuff has been there for a few years now, Im sure its pukka gear, in fact I remember telling BB about it last year when I first started to talk to them about branching out into Clios.

Its just the fitting thats the hassle but the parts themselves are an OK price. I dont thing you get a chargecooler with it though.