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Megane Bottom End

  1.8 16V & 172 FF
hi just wondering how much one of these are worth and i kno they will fit on a 1800 16v engine, but not sure wat needs to be done to make it fit i have search
and read a few things but this just confused me so coul anyone help me.
do i need a certiain age BO
wat other bits will i need and any other info would be great

There not worth that much now depends how good condition it is I'd say £350 at best.

Will bolt straight to your head you need the starter or alternator though from memory.

CHnage the cambelt clutch tensioners etc when its out and err thats it you need to have some different ECU mapping though as you don't want to spin a 2.0 bottom end to 1.8 rpm also you need more fule to complensate for a 2.0 bottom end Gunner Gibson sells cheap chips I think which would be closer to optimums but ideally a custom remap is the way to go but thats £350+ish.