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Megane Seat Question

I'm posting this on behalf of my housemate as he doesnt have an account on here, and the people on coupe-club have been useless.

Just got some new Sparco Chrono Road seats for my mark 1 megane coupe, tried to bob them in today and came across a few problems. Helpfully Sparco don't supply the bolts that you need to attach the subframes. I couldn't get the bolts out of the old seats, so i was wondering what size bolts i will need to go through the sparco subframes and through the original holes in the floor??

The major problem though is that there is no way to mount the seat belt or harness buckle onto the car by the handbrake. The original seat has the belt buckle incorporated into the seat, yet obviously this isnt an option with the new sparcos. I'm thinking that i may need to drill through the floor and use an I-bolt in order to do this. Any advice on this would really help!!!

Just as a bit of help here is a picture to illustrate the problem. The existing seatbelt is mounted into the seat, this is not possible with the new sparco recliners, so where would the mounting point for a harness or belt buckle go?