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Meguiars Top25 Stand

Not sure if this is in the correct section

Ive just found out my cars got itsself picked to be on the Meguiars Top25 stand at FCS. But what do they 'look' for/gudge to pick the best car?
Has anybody had their car on before? I cant see it winning as there will be alot nicer cars on the stand but would still be nice to know.

Has anybody else got their clio on this year? i know there was a very very nice RB182 on last year



ClioSport Moderator
Pritchard's RB last year mate. I think it's literally just a case of cleaning the living day lights out of the thing.. good luck though, as said.
  GTD, Lupo
Do you have a loud stereo!?

Seems to always be loads of geezas! with their subs making horrible noises!


ClioSport Club Member
over the last years, you dont have a chance unless you have a bodykit and sound system :dapprove:
  PH1 iceburg
Usually only the most max'd out max power car wins. Boosh's and biohzrds have been on there and are/were mint but a max'd out 106 spaceship won.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mint 1*2's for sale-
Borrow someblack wings from the hanger- that should secure the win...