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meshing my mk1 clio

  clio mk1
hi all, just signed up here becuase im also a clio maniac! anyway im thinking of pulling the front grill off which is infront of the radiator and putting some black mesh there instead? what do you guys think, anyone ever done this? i do remember see`ing it on one mk1 clio but having had a look it looks like it might be tricky. below is a pic of my clio tell me if you think i should bother or not :S cheerz peeps and nice forum

leave it as it is! The only way to properly secure it there is with brackets from B+Q.

Looks sh1te. Max power do it in their book and recoon u cant tell but u can!

Mind you i always think mk1s look best standard anyway just with a few tweeks (lowering aftermarket alloys tints etc.)

Car looks in good condish! (better than mine anyway! lol)
  clio mk1
yeah you guys are right...dunno why i thought id do that just to make a little different but i have thought about it and it would probably look poo, can i see any pictures of you mk1`s? i feel like modding it a bit more but not sure what to do next, thniking of lowering it a tiny bit and possibly changing the alloys to some 16`z in black... ,i hate rear lexus lights they make me ill and remind me of little saxo/corsa driving chumps! ValVer4life can i see your mk1? ill show you mine if you show me yours! bloup!, cheers peepz loving this forum :)
A like the lexus lights on your car Final_Maxim, i'll probably get a bit of an ear bashing but their you go.
Yeah don't mesh it at all i almost did that on my old RT sooo glad i didn't just lower it, wouldn't do it a lil bit you gotta slam it! Haha (IMO of course!)