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metal 172 pedals

82 00 067 574 PEDAL ACCEL C3 28.23 ---3 x 1

60 00 073 658 METAL PEDAL C2 31.20 ---3 x 1

60 00 073 658 METAL PEDAL C2 31.20 ---3 x 1

looking at it, the accelerator metal pedal plate cannot be bought seperately, so that is the part number for the whole arm and pedal. also, it looks like the brake and clutch pedal covers are the same part number.

The prices are as of 2 years ago, so may have gone up a few quid.


matt the cat

ClioSport Club Member

wow thats great, thanks for the effort

mines done 40k and the side of the clutch pedal is showing signs of wear

Thanks again