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Midlands rolling road day - photos

  silver valver/hybrid

nice one, it was a cold morning, at least it was sunny, i only made 112 bhp at the wheels, next mods, cold air feed to iduction kit and a de-cat pipe i think!

Wish i could have come, but had other more pressing things to do :cry: lol ! ... Matt said was a mint day though...... Hopefully meet some of you at the next one ! :oops:
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Mine made a tad over 159 ATW. Wasnt the best though - Wayne got 162 out of his Cup IIRC, and there were still more to go when we left. Really good morning out though - thanks a lot Mat! :D
  Lionel Richie

FAO 1.2 16V owners

I got 72.2bhp @ wheels (pipercross induction kit + Powerflow BBox) 17inch wheels

Bam got, wait for it ............. 72.2bhp @ wheels (Pipercross induction kit + k-tec relocation pipe + Full CAT back K-tec exhaust) 15inch wheels

Strange result eh?????

Bams done 3300miles ive done 28600miles!!!!!
  silver valver/hybrid

well it was about -1 when i got there at 8.45 and about 5 degrees when i left 4 hours later.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

Thanks to Mat for organising the day. The discussion on how they ran the cars will continue for many a day. Should have put it on again Mat and called their bluff. must have liked my car as you have 3 pictures of it...nice choice, so you like silver too!!;) Oh no not another colour debate!!!! LOL!!!

150.7@tw ..not too bad but would have liked more especially with it being chipped. Good result Mike...please dont get it chipped...having enough problems with them Cups!!!;);)...youve got to be looking at close on 188 and maybe 190!!...the way PE measure it. Usual power loss around 30bhp
  mk2 172

looks like a good day was had by all, so how do these figure compare with other rolling roads? and what are the results for everyone? seems like most of the 172s have about 190.........................

Not a bad way to spend a Sat morning even if we all was freezing, well done to Matt for organising the day, there was some good results on 172s and Valvers cant wait to bring mine along to the next meet.

Matt (16v Phase 2 Turbo)

P.S well done to Jennifer and Ben J for hosting the photos so quick!

Anyone reckon that the low temperatures might have had a bearing on the power outputs? I know that my car is a full seconds quicker from 40-70mph when it is 0 centigrade compared to when it is 10 centigrade. Just wondering as the 172s seem to be putting out very high figures?!
  320d M Sport

Is someone gonna compile list to show these results!? And rhys, when we did ours it was bloody roasting that day i remember!!! Wonder if that makes any diff?

Can you remember what the temperature was at the Bury day, Paddy? Does it say in PGTi magazine? Its got to make some difference...


the reception lady told me there rolling road set up allows and accesss for different temperatures so there readings are very accurate
  BMW 320d Sport

Nice work ! Looks like a good day was had by all, well done Mat for organising it all, sorry I couldnt make it, obviously not having a Clio makes these sort of thing s a bit tricky....not long now...

Full list as follows:

Slugger - Cup - 162.4 Bhp @ the Wheels
Telfordmike - mk2 172 - 159.3
Tim172Cup - Cup - 157.8
Roamer - mk2 172 - 154.7
Chris 172 - mk2 172 - 150.7
Kis 172 - mk1 172 - 150.3
MatBrown - 2L 16v - 148.0
Wally 1 - willy 1 - 144.5
Malc - willy 3 - 143.5
Ben H - 16v - 127.8
Rich Owens - Saxo VTS - 126.9
Ben J - 16v - 126.5
16v_Matt - 16v - 125.5
Ken - 16v - 123.3
Alec - 16v - 119.6
Derv - 16v - 112.7
PaulRobo - Clio GTT - 109.5
Bambam - 1.2 16v - 72.2
Fred2001 - 1.2 16v - 72.2