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Mikes Titanium !82


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  Titanium 182

Whilst ive been signed up on here a while, I never ended up getting a clio until about 4/5 months ago. When I first signed up on here 4 years ago I was looking for a 182 to get into trackdays, after winning an auction for a RB 182 on ebay I didn’t hear anything back for a few weeks so that fell through. In the mean time I went to the isle of man TT and decided that I needed a bike in my life finally and the money set aside for a track car went toward a getting my license and subsequently, a bike!

That ended up being a 2011 Triumph Street Triple R which I still have. Now Ive got that to where I want it, as a project it is “finished”, for now!

Ive had a few Renaults before this one, including a Clio 1.2, Megane 1.6 mk3 and then a Megane RS265 Cup. I then went German for a while with a Audi S5 which was a brilliant daily but lacked the feel and rawness of the 265. You could carry silly speeds into bends with that diff, still miss that car! After a brief stint in a 320d I decided on getting a 182, so here I am! In some ways its similar to the megane, in others totally different.

I bought the car on 70k on a 04 plate, from a forum member and with plenty of service history. Pretty standard other than HEL braided lines all round. There is some bodywork scuffs and a couple of dings to sort out but nothing abit of paint and some machining cant solve. The Standard wheels weren’t in the best of condition but more on that later!

Not a lot of pics of the car and progress for now, I never envisaged making a progress thread initially but there will be more to come.

With the situation at the moment I’ve been on and off furlough so took the time to get a few things done and of course spend more than i’d want! Man maths and all.

Progress so far:

Headlight Restoration
Osram Xenarc Nightbreaker Xenons
Osram Nightbreaker Main beams
Philips Silvervisions (of course)
Skoda Splitter

Noico sound deadening
Door card seals renewed
Rear Beam shot blasted and painted in Epoxy Mastic/Dynax UB
Pro Line Rear axle braided brake lines
Whiteline Rear bushes
Pure Motorsport cat back with cat derestriction
Pro-Am Stainless exhaust hanger brackets
Handbrake Cables replaced
Powerflex Road Series ARB Bushes (Inner & Outer)
Powerflex Black Series Rack Bushes

Generally clean other than the rear beam prior to being taken out. There was a few bits of surface rust along the rear of the underbody and the rear beam brackets that was treated while the beam and exhaust were out with abit of Bilt Hamber Electrox, Hammerite and a couple of coats of Bilt Hamber Dynax UB.

Have to say the ARB Bushes weren’t quite as bad as I’d thought they would be! Done them on jack stands with the help of guide on here. I had to cut half the foot off a g clamp to make sure I had enough room for mole grips but must be able to be done without. Think I done it quicker than the rack bushes too!

The next job(s) will be refreshing the rest of the front end. Got some new genuine wishbones to go in, need to get some tie rods and TRE’s too. The previous owner replaced the springs so it will only be the top mounts and shocks left, which look fine for now.

Have to say paying for the membership on here is the best tenner I’ve spent. If there is something not known on here it isn’t worth knowing. Been great following a few progress threads on here for abit of inspiration/empty pockets.

And to answer the age old question.. Titanium Silver is by far the fastest colour!


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  Titanium 182
Next up was cleaning out the front arches and sills. Definitely worthwhile, so much compacted dirt between the arch liners and side skirts. The arches, arch liners, skirts and sills were given a couple of passes with BH Surfex HD and AF Oblitarate, liners coated in AF Dressle. Any rust was ground back and treated with some electrox and hammerite. Sills were given a coat of dynax UB on top for good measure.


Ive been keeping a look out for a set of turinis since ive had the car as the standard wheels look a little tired to say the least. A few weeks ago I found a set of 172 cup turinis on ebay in good condition with ps3’s all round for a reasonable price and local to me! Couldn’t say no!


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  Titanium 182
Pics are from before sorting the sills out. Really need to take more pictures in future!

Also can a moderator please change my title from !82 to 182 if possible please🤦‍♂️


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  Titanium 182
Few little bits I missed off.
Cabin filter changed, not the worst but worth doing for a few quid.

Obligatory number plate light swap

Latest gen Fiesta aerial. About half the size of the Renault one, no difference in signal and looks OEM.


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  Titanium 182
Thanks guys, appreciate the kind words.

Nice and great colour/wheel combo.

Titanium is so hard to photo. It either looks so bright and white silver, or brown 😂

It really is! Probably the best silver I've seen, a lot more flake in the paint than most silvers you see I think. Looks better in the flesh anyway.


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  Titanium 182
Show off!😂 Think I've seen these on your project thread before, stance looks perfect! Makes me want to address the arch gap on mine, perhaps some springs in the future. And something better than my 3yr old iPhone for taking pics😂 2nd pic really shows off how bright and metallic titanium is.


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  182... again!
Good to hear! Great thanks, keeping busy with the car and house😄 everything turns into a project ha!
Pleased to hear too! Same here really, but more on the house side of things at the moment. New kitchen time, but hopefully plenty of brownie points too :p Plenty of toy related things to do🏍🚗🚑 next...


ClioSport Club Member
  Titanium 182
Pleased to hear too! Same here really, but more on the house side of things at the moment. New kitchen time, but hopefully plenty of brownie points too :p Plenty of toy related things to do🏍🚗🚑 next...

The brownie points always come in handy for the latter 😄 plenty of good roads round you for the toys too. Found out on the bike not too long ago😁

I love reading threads where people do maintenence things as well as mods. Always good to read the car going into them.

Thanks mate, like the idea of OEM+ as its a road car. Upgrading where its cost effective compared to standard parts/man maths kicks in!


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  Titanium 182
Last week I met up with @MLB . Nice to have a chat about clios and that. First time ive seen Petrol Blue in the flesh, looks great! Properly sorted motor too with 197 brembos and a rs2 inlet!

Photography skills were on point here, couldn’t have picked a better backdrop:LOL:


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  Titanium 182
This week ive been carrying on the front end refresh, had a collection of parts building up for a little while now so it was good to finally get them all fitted!


Genuine - Wishbones
Outer ARB Brackets
Tie Rods

Febi wishbone and ball joint bolts
TRW Track Rod Ends (1/3 of the price of genuine and make OEM from what I can find on here)

The wishbones got a coating of BH epoxy mastic before fitting just to give a little more protection. I give all the bolts a wire brush and a coat of plusgas beforehand, but wasn’t going to f**k around so the big guns came out.

Threads measured up for comparison.


Safe to say they the tie rods were due changing.

Got a tie rod tool off amazon, makes the job so easy.



Gave the callipers and carriers a clean up in and out just to get rid of the worst of the pad deposits and rust for now with a wire brush and dremel. Pads cleaned up and sliders cleaned and regreased too.


All back together looking a little better than before!


Took it out for a quick drive up the road and its definitely made a difference. Sharper and abit smoother if that makes any sense. Alignment seems ok but il have another look over everything tomorrow and get the alignment checked.

That’s all the bushes replaced for suspension components bar top mounts. Everything polybushed bar the new wishbones. Plenty to do, next up I think I will be stripping and rebuilding the front callipers and give them a lick of paint. Would like it to sit a bit lower so might go for set of grams/eibach springs in the future, that’ll be when the front shocks are replaced with the top mounts too.


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Haha yeah great location for photos there, two guys looking super happy with their old French shitboxes at a Texaco in the middle of nowhere!

Thanks again for letting me hear and see the PMS exhaust, great quality system you've got there and amazing condition car you've got, very clean and tidy standard example!

Seeing those floppy tie rods I think I'll have a look at mine as well. Nice updates again.


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  Titanium 182
Well now you put it like that :LOL: No problem was good to compare systems, don't see too many clios round here.

Definitely worth looking at, not an expensive one if they're knackered either.
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I'll probably get all of it done when getting coilovers. Checked everything over today in preparation for Anglesey on Sunday and looked all fine to be fair.