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Milage on Insurance

  RB 182, 1275GT

Back in May when I bought my car I took out a new insurance policy and put down that I would only be doing 8000miles a year. 3 months on I am on over 5000 already and am a little worried about reaching the 8000 which I said I would do.

I am with Elephant so used the online details thing to see how much extra it would cost to change it to 12000 and they want to charge me £129 to do this.

What happens if I do like 12000 miles and have only told the insurance company I would do 8000 (its an estimate not a limit)? And would they not pay out if I had an accident?

Thanks in advance!

i take it you bought the car brand new? if you didnt, i dont think they have much proof of how many miles you hav done, maybe on the MOT? not sure though, sorry

I would expect them to say "naff off, were not paying out" because presumably you got cheaper insurance as you would be doing less miles so you are less likely to be in an accident.

Would be interesting to hear from someone who knows for sure though.
  RB 182, 1275GT

I called them a while back actually and asked if it was just a rough guide line - and they said yes. The lady I spoke to said as long as I dont do like double what I stated there isnt a problem.

But I am worried so will probably call them again and knowing my luck pay out extra cash! I think I will have to ease up on the milage though - its costing me a bomb!

make a note of when you called them, did you get her name ??
reason i ask is that the call will have beeen recorded, so it they get ars*y, later on you can yeah but i spoke to ... on ... check the tape.
  Yaris Hybrid

I got a 10k limit on mine which in fairness wont be an issue.

The thing is thats 10k with me driving it. What if I let my father drive it using the third party element of his comprehensive insurance. What about when the dealer has picked it up and delivered it to and from my house for repairs and put mileage on it?

Other people could put thousands of miles on it so how can the insurance prove how many I did?
  The Jinx

Only up it once youve gone over it, otherwise youll be paying more for a longer period of time and you may not be over the mileage in that time.

If you get me. If its only a bit over then fvck it and dont bother.
  RB 182, 1275GT

Thanks for your input guys. I have decided to cut down on using my car (like catch the train more to see my gf) and wont up the milage until I go over by a 1000 or so :D
  clio 182 black /gold

How can they prove it? I have only been asked a couple of times what the mileage is on the car. I always say 9-10K

depends on policy, on a modified policy i was on a limited mileage policy, had to send them my MOT document

on my current insurance ive put down less mileage than i think ill do, but they cant prove it. i could have bought it from the previous owner with a higher mileage?

no MOTs to date to.

as someone else said, they cant prove how many miles YOU have done on the PUBLIC ROAD

you could have done lots of miles off road on private land or at a racetrack etc were the insurance doesnt cover anyway.

haha im with elephant too and trust me if they wanna stitch u they will i put down 12 and done 15, in my first year but that was on a 10 month policy more info might help

im with HIC which are spot on they cover you for track days etc etc. when i told them i used my car occasionally for going to and from site (architect) they added a £15 part to my policy under something to do with business use and it basically gave me unlimited mileage whether im at work or not!! :)

[Edited by cliovalver on 18 August 2005 at 1:11pm]

hic actually asked me for what mileage the car was on

elephant and admiral never even ask

so they have no way to prove youve gone over the amount unless u give them your old mots, and its very easy to lose your last mot isnt it chaps

so unless they ask for your mileage at the start of the policy then ull be fine, aslong as u dont put in a stupid number like under half of what you do anyway
  Clio 1.4, SV650S

if you did an online quote the numbers may be different to if you just phone up. they may only charge £30 or soemthing

incidentally i think all your calls to the insurance will be logged against your account number, so if you do crash theyll be more likely to check up on the milage now that you have enquired i imagine!
  R35 GTR

I put down that I was only going to do 6000 for a year, I honestly though I would. I managed 5000 in 5 months so phoned them up, (directline) and got an extra 6000 miles for only 40 quid.
  R35 GTR

oh, forgot to add, I was a first time driver, and insurance was 1200 fully comp, so 40 was definitely cheap.
  RB 182, 1275GT

Thanks guys, I am not going to phone up until I have reached the 8k. Hopefully it will be cheaper on the phone!