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miltek banging when letting of revs

  clio 182 cup
when on low revs like slowly lsetting off or going to reverse the exhaist juggers and sometimes makes a banging- knocking noice, any idea what this may be? thanks


ClioSport Club Member
  172 FF and Fabia VRS
check you exhaust mounts

may need sorting

miltecs are heavy right??
considerably lighter than the standard cat back tbh

though if you changed it and perished the rubbers in progress it might be banging on the mount perhaps.

as stated stick your head under and see if there is anything obviously out of position
it does fit to a standard cat, there is an adapter so you can use the renault clamp, or if you had a sports cat/decat with no flange at the end it should also fit over

It is obviously louder than the standard exhaust, but I've never been in any other cars with different systems to compare - me and my girlfriend are both used to noisy cars and dont mind it, but we sit in the front - everyone who has sat in the back has said christ this is noisy