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Miltek with no center box

  Titanium 182
Has anyone got a miltek backbox with a straight through center section or anything simillar?
Would this effect performance and also how would it effect the exhaust note?
  Black RS200
would be far to loud, ive got a Milltek and i had the decat but after a week i put the cat back on coz i couldnt be doing with the noise, much pref to hear the grunt from the engine rather than loud exhaust.
Not sure on performance, with mine the decat made it pick up more on low revs but i lost the kick at 5000rpm (prob coz its used the power already on the low revs??) would think it would be same with straight through center pipe.
Christopher off here used to run decat and centreboxless miltek it sounded epic. Do a search for Miltek hybrid and you will find videos.
  106 GTI
I had my silencer removed and its not loud at all, car is also heavily stripped.

reads around 92-94 db