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Mintex Pads & Discs


ClioSport Club Member
For £10.00 less you can get these from here, and unless you're an absolute track demon, you'll not find a great deal better.

Highly recommended...

YS011 Clio 172 / 182 / Cup / Trophy Ferodo DS2500 Front Package inc. Moquip Braided Hoses Details

Package consists of:
2 x Brembo 280mm Front Discs
Front Axle Set Ferodo DS2500
4 x Moquip Stainless Steel Braided brake hoses.

This package is orientated towards the trackday user who does not wish to go to a dedicated track pad but who wishes to see a dramatically improved braking response.

Price: £185.00
259.00 EUR
Delivery Cost to UK: £15.00