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Misfire cylinder number 4.

  Clio 182 FF
Hi Guy n Gals.

Waiting for the AA to tow me home at the moment. Car started stuttering and misfiring in traffic after about 40mins if been fine on the motorway. AA guys computer says misfire on number 4 and at one point said injector. However I changed number 4 injector a few months back for a new one as it failed on me.

he checked and has taped up the HT lead to number 4 but still no improvement. Do you think new leads and coil pack would be the best place to start? If that doesn't work try swapping the injector to another one just to confirm it's not that? After that should I be getting a compression test and chasing the wiring?



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  dan's cast offs.
did you change no.4 or no.1? back to front don't forget.

also measure the resistance on the injectors, usually shows dodgy one up.


Wales - South
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I had a misfire on injector number 1 the other week, turned out the clip for the injector wiring loom had wriggled itself loose ever so slightly causing an intermittent signal to the injector. Might be worth double checking the connections.
  Clio 182 FF
Yeah I Made sure on here I changed the correct one (opposite to battery and intake) after I found out they're backwards.
  Clio 182 FF
I fitted it myself but the injector was £35ish + postage from renparts on here.

Spoken with my mechanic today who confirmed leads needing replacing (arcing) and replacement coilpack has sorted it so sorting out now with the AA to claim on the parts and labour warranty.