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  Clio 172
I was on cadwell park yesterday and late on in the day my car developed what I can only describe as a misfire but im not sure.

The issue initially was only happening in 3rd and 4th, at around 5k revs the engine would seem to hit a limiter, the shift light flash then at times pass through this and keep revving no problem and at other times go no further - worry not when this was apparent my track day was over.

Following this the car drove home completely normally and petrol consumption seemed normal too. Also idles totally fine too.

Ive had a search but not read anything similar to this

Any ideas, anyone seen this before - where do I start?

Thanks for your time


  Clio 197
i have had similar sort of problem, mine was mainly misfire under load or heavy acceleration, i have changed coil pack plugs and injectors then found a small split on the end of my plug lead where it pushes onto the plug so in theory arching onto the engine block in the plug well, may be worth trying
  Clio 172
Took it out for a drive this morning and its completely disappeared. Need to get to the bottom of this or it will always be in my head for next trackday

Thanks j26 will be sure to check that mate