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Mixed Tyres

  RB 182 (Cup Pack)
Apologies if this has been asked a million times before. My 182 is definitely going to need a set of new front tyres in the next month or so (the original Exalto's on the front are looking a little past their best). I'd like to replace them with either some PS3's or PZero Nero's - and ideally I'd like to replace all four corners. The problem is on the rear there's a set of virtually new Nexen N6000's. I'm aware they are a s**t tyre, but I'm loathed to get rid of them as there's so much tread left.What would you think about running on mixed, or should I just bite the bullet (and the credit card!) to replace all four corners? Ta muchly
  Mini Cooper S
Put the new ones on the rear, move the nexens to the front and just wear them out til they're fucked. Then replace with a fresh pair to match the rear.
  RB 182 (Cup Pack)
Good suggestions, but I really wanted some decent ones on the front - I wouldn't want to be running budgets all round! The rear I'm not too bothered about.
  RB 182 (Cup Pack)
I'll probably do that. Chances are, I'll have to replace them over a two month period - can't really afford £500 odd quid in one month!
  PB Clio 172
No one here has mentioned how hard the compound is on a budget. I have had budget tyres on the rear of my clio for 2 years and they are still on 7mm. I don't see the point in changing a tyre that has decent tread. Yes its not a great tyre but I am 17k into my rear tyre and its fine.

Don't drive like a hero and its fine

It was on my car before I got it btw. I would never buy a budget.


ClioSport Moderator
Personally I like to fit four different tyres to every new car I get, then I do a series of tests to see which I like best.

Corner hard right and accelerate, corner hard left and accelerate, which ever corner feels like it has the most grip, the opposing side to the direction you cornered will be the prefered.

Then a 40mph handbrake stop on a private runway, which ever way the car spins determines which tyres offers the best stopping power.

Now you must decide between the two winners of the aforementioned competitions.
  RB 182 (Cup Pack)
You could even take it a bit further and maybe test winter tyres and perhaps even snow chains? :p