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Mk 2 knocking

Hey guys,

Know this topic has come up before, but in my brief search I didnt find anything that sounded exactly like what Im experiencing.

Ive just got myself a new 172 and have now done about 4000km in it. Problem that has come up is that through hard left handers, I get this knocking/grinding noise from the right front.

The dealer reckons it is dampers, new set on order to be installed on Monday - Im not convinced. Anyone here have experience with this problem?


I had a similar problem, but only when I turned the wheel to the full right position and especially on anomalous surfeces. A sound came out (crackling) and of course I visited renault service. The guys there told me that it was nothing serious, just a loose screw. I cannot help you more, since I dont know which screw was. Hopefully, the sound stoped. :)

Hey Roastie
Best bet is to let Renault do their thing on Monday and see if that works. I found that they will often say they think its one thing and then sort out something else completely. My 1.6 16V had tons of stuff done including a complete new steering rack before they found the front end knock while steering was a hydraulic feeder hose that Renault SA R&D has developed a local replacement for. My 2.0 had the same noise and they replaced the pipe at first service - sorted. If you dont come right, call me at the office - you can pick up the no. from the mail I sent you and I will give you the number for Renault after-sales here and who to speak to.

Shot guys,

Well see if they manage to sort her out. I know Im going to miss her while Im away ...

When I had my Megane 1.6 16v - I they generally seemed to get to the bottom of things quickly - Im just worried cos the service guy looked a bit puzzled rather than confident.