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Mk1 172 in Silver spotted live on Sky News

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

At 5:25 the cameraman was in Lakenheath, by the air force base.

They were reporting on the discovery of the bodies in the missing girls and a silver mk1 turned into the road behind the cameraman.

Whilst on this subject, I would like to publicly pass on my condolences for the families and friends of those 2 girls killed in this disgusting crime....

Its captured the nation and so it should.




  Shiny red R32

I too am desperately sorry for everyone involved. These are the people we trust to take care of our children and would probably be the last to be considered by the police to have carried out such an awful crime.

Makes you wonder what sort of world we now live in.

I can imagine than Nick Read will be horrified, as he is a teacher and having family in the teaching profession, I realise just how close teachers become to children they see every day and watch grow up.

It was the caretaker and a teachers assistant they report.

Very sad news, puts everything into perspective doesnt it ?
  Silver Fabia vRS

I think people that do this sort of thing should be taken somewhere publicaly, say Trafalgar Square, hung up and then let the public loose on them. They can use any means neccessary to inflict damage and pain to them.

My personal choice would be a baseball bat combined with a few choice blows to different areas of there body, a few broken bones and then left to hang a few weeks in complete agony to die.

Fcuking scum. I feel so sorry for the parents but most of all for the children who had there lives ahead of them. Who is anybody to deny another person the right to live.

The one thing we can all hope for is that they are punished in prison for what they have done.

I cant image the people having a good time in prison when the other inmates find out who they are.

I heard the news live this morning on the Radio. Dampened down my day - its just so sad.
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Daipac, you hit the nail on the head when you said it puts everything else into perspective.

I was confronted today by a knob in a transit van who was driving like a lunatic as I pulled out on him cos I thought he was leting me out. Turns out he wasnt and then played silly buggers before stopping and getting out. At this very point I took off and passed him and left him standing there like the t**t he was...all because I had put the incident into perspective, compared to what was happening in Cambridge.