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mk1 172 or CTR

  190 BHP Willy 2

Thinking about changing cars and am undecided. My mate works at a honda main dealer and says the CTR is a fantastic car and very reliable. He has only had 2 come back with faults. Unlike it seems almost every Clio.

If you were in my position what would you buy? Please dont say mk2 clio because I dont like the look of them enough to buy one.

CTR is an amazing bit of kit but you need to keep revving the b****cks of it. Excellent build quality and engine. I have slated the looks before but I take that all back. Slightly prefer the 172s looks overall. In my opinion it is the wheels that let the 172 down a bit.

Mk1 Clio - but then you ARE on a Clio site asking the question!!! Lovely Mk1 Yellow for sale at the moment - see for sale section - and if youve never seen a yellow one dont write it off b4 you see one - they are very rare!
  190 BHP Willy 2


Have a mate with a yellow 172 and yes IMHO they are the best colour and yes I have seen the one for sale on the forum. Just dont know if I fancy something a bit different.

Seems a lot easier to get power gains out of the civic too!

Here we go again..

Theyre NOT built well.If you read auto express/autocar you would of seen the huge amount of complaints from owners. Theyre also group 18 insurance and in my view are a bit mpv-ish. Gearchange is great, engine good but tiresome when youre not in the mood. Handling not as connecting to the experience as a 172.

I was going to say mk2 clio, but still mk1 would be my pick as it looks better, handles better and goes better. If you think about it people always complain when things go wrong but never bother writing just because everythings going swimmingly!

Simple choice if you ask me :)

big hp - well you cant get a "different" ctr can you, black, red or silver - thats your lot - and to think that most other people carriers come in quite a wide range of colours !!! :eek:

If you like the high revs power band on your Clio 16v, then youll love the CTR. My flatmate also has a 16v and is about to get a CTR.

I do like the CTR and will happliy wave/flash my respect to a CTR driver and mostly get the same back. But for me, the CTR just isnt my taste. Sure, its a good car by any measure - but it also seems a bit geeky and looks in my eyes like a size 14 stiletto shoe.

The 172 will never be as practical or reliable as a CTR, but it has a certain "je ne ce quoi" about it and bags of character.

nice one youve f**ked up the alignment of the page

2002 vanquish is actually pretty poor in some areas of reliabilty (like interior) Senior dickhead. :)
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I like the CTR, I would have had one over my 172 if it came with more kit as standard. Aniversary edition is better. Also there is a rumour that the CTR is having a power increase to 230bhp as standard latter in the year.

CTRs are expensive, £17,000 with air con, dealers wont knock anything off them due to high demand for them. They do however hold their value much better than a 172.

If you can afford a CTR then go for it excellent gear change. Check out the CTR forums for known problems and running costs as they are expensive to keep on the road.

Which ever car you choose you wont regret it.


E35? 328i sport eats that one, and you can see whats comin when you overtake! they are cool those early m3s though, ill give you that..


CTR might has fewer mechanical problems (although I dont believe this), but the overal build quality is not better than clios. I am not sure about Mk1 but mk2 has by far better quality. Besides, mk2 comes with everything in it whereas CTR has nothing. I like though the feeling of the gear box of CTRs and its good seating position.

CTRs are great, the only problem is the lack of a/c for 16k on the road price otherwise they have the same kit as the cliosport.

Lets dispel a couple of myths about them:-

1)they ARE faster than an average 172, by a couple of seconds to a hundred, 30-70 by about a second+, etc...even more so than a low powered 172.When I had my type r I beat many 172s when I was 2 up, they 1 up.

2)Residuals are a tricky question, one thing is certain,they are NOT rock solid. For example, many private sales for 1 yr old non a/c models going for 13.5-14K and these are not imports, and dealers are giving 12.5-13k trade in at best!. Glass trade mags 10% 1st yr depreciation estimate is a load of bollards, more like 15-22% depending on whether you trade in or sell private(more hassle).

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