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Mk1 172 *PS Request* FAO Winston


ClioSport Club Member

Due to lazy-arse bankers, my cheque didnt clear in time for me to pick my new motor up last weekend. So itll be this coming Saturday now.

To help pass what will surely be one of the longest weeks of my life could someone photoshop a few planned bits on to my car?

1. Mk2 172 Bumpstrips and badges

2. Slam it, as coilovers are on the agenda.

3. A pic of both 16" Turinis and 15" Ronal Turbos please.

i realise im asking a lot!.....but everyones bored on bank holidays anyways!...and it would ease my pain. lol

Thanks in advance.

  2005 Impreza WRX STI

mine has got the side strips on mate and coilovers but no turinis or turbos sorry (look at post on clio discussion) deciding whether to sell my mk1.