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Mk1 Clio- Rear door card/sticky lock post/remote locking problems.

  '95 Clio Champs Elysees
Hi there, I've got a '95 RT Champs Elysees and it has a couple of niggles.

1. The rear passenger side door locking post is 'sticky' in that it doesn't always operate correctly with the central locking. When it does work there's a squeak from the middle of the door. Also, it makes a brrrr noise for a second or so if the key is held in the unlock position- as if there's slack in something that is tightening up. I want to remove the door card and have a better look and give it a lube but I'm unsure of how to get round the window winder?

2. The remote central locking will only work within an inch of the receiver, and only at certain angles. The batteries in the key are brand new, and as it will work at close range I assume the programming is okay as well. Any ideas as to what's going on?