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Mk1 Doors

  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project

does any1 know whether phase1 and 2 doors are slightly different?
I have been told they are and i need a new door, i have a 1 and i know of a 2 thats for sale on the cheap, any help please?

Clio Turbo piks too follow once i have a door lol
  Rb 182
But you would know that as i told you yesterday, just read where your from and made a connection. Measure the distance from hinges and measure gap on door.
  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
ill let you off mate :p lol
ive had some mixed responses from this, some think it will fit, some think it wont. :s
Feeling any better today then?
  COLTCZT,Clio 440T project
i know, im a pain in the arse :) sorry lol
Ok i think that sheds light on the matter so ill go pick a phase 2 door up in the mornin :) thanks again guys