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MK1 Or Mk2

172 i take it? personally i am a fan of the newer 172 but theres certain parts of the mark 1 172 which i prefer to like rhys said guess its which one u prefer the look of, getta mark1 for cheaper thou bout 10k or so round me at the moment theres a few


i had the MK1 first, and MK1s of any car always eems to be the most raw and best.

its lighter, and a tad faster and doesnt have this ANNOYING FBW throttle!!!

It also looks better on 15s......but i do love the agressive MK front with the little built in spoiler which loks ace in a rear view mirror.

But i hated the MK1 dash........well, now i have the MK2 LOL.....

MK1 also banged alot more under aceleration.

I love the front bumper of the Mk1 - its a bit more muscular than the Mk2 and looks a bit more like the spawn of the 16v and Willy.

But then the Mk2 looks a lot better from the side and behind!

Id seriously consider a Mk1 in black or one of the lovely green leather-ed up, mega-rare, 172 Exclusives.

Theres a doctor ripping around Bristol in a silver Mk1 172 - has a green light on top and "doctor" plastered all over it!

Now thats what I call a Rapid Response Unit!
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If you get a MK1 it has to yellow!!! Look smart there is one on Autotrader for £11k

Other than that I prefer the MK2 cos I have one and I must defend it to the death!!


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I know I will probably get slated, and people will think I am being biased, but I really dont like the look of the Mk1.

I was speaking to my GF last night about how different a car they looked and how much better the MK2 is (dont know if she was listening though :sleep:) I had the choice of MK1 or MK2 and I would only get a MK2.

Sorry, just being honest.
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I had the choice of a mk.2 brand new for £11,600 and a mk.1 for £11,400 with 600 miles on it. I chose the mk.1. I greatly preferred the looks back then of the mk.1s but now ive grown to like the mk.2s as well.

Well i had the choise of going for a used mk1 a year 1/2 ago or buying a import mk2 for the same price. I went for the mk1 cuz i felt it looked more mean and it looks nothing like a std clio, where (now here i might piss mk2 owners off) the mk2 i feel looks like a std mk2 clio with big wheels and a bit of colour coding. I will say i have grown to like the mk2 much more now. Here in Aberdeen there must be 3 mk2 172s for every mk1 172 you see, honest. Im glad i went for the mk1. Both very nice cars. Depends what you want.


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I didnt take offense that my car looks almost like every other clios and I like that about the mk2, but surly you could also say the MK1 looks like bog standard MK1s (at least the MK2s got 16") ???

I really like the subtleness of the styling on the 172, unless you know what it is, you are likely to get a shock at the traffic lights.

Hehe, many people have looked over and though, hmm look hes put 16" alloys on his little clio (standard ones) and tried to race

They get a shock when the see the dust of where I used to be.


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Oh, and I have yet to spot another clio 172 (I have seen 1, once) other than my own.

but then again my GF says that I not the most observant of people.. (true)

i also had 12k to spend... i could get a brand spanker of a mk2 (nice car)

or a low mileage MK1...

i chose the mk1 (and in my case no three years warranty... arse) as i preferred the look

I like the "features" of the MK2 i.e ESP and such like but i prefer the LOOK of the MK1 ...

well from the front at least... i dont think either look as good as they could from behind.. ooo er...

Each to their own I say. What I tend to find with both cars is they look better from certain angles. Sometimes both can look pretty ordinary but other times they can look really mean. The mk2 has grown on me a alot and I think its abit unfair to say that it doesnt look much different from standard Clios becuase when Ive seen them driving towards me you can tell straight away that its a 172.


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I guess its down to personal choice then.. cause I thought exactly the oppisite to you VR6man,

I think the MK1 front looks outdated, and I really love the xenon headlights on the MK2. The MK1 looks tired and old IMHO

ROBFENN -"ive been looking in the gallery, and 2 be honest the mk1 looks a bit boring compared."

Come on Rob, boring i dont think so. Take a look at my car in the gallery. No other looks the same as mine. I drive around the city and i know people are looking thinking that clio is sh*t hot.(hee hee) My clio is the dogs nob. How you can use the term "Boring" when talking about a 172 i dont know. You have a 1.2 extreme !! but i wouldnt say that was a boring car.

Well then ive had the pleasure to own a mk1 172 and now own a mk2 i think they are really gud cars in their own ways, Both have good and bad points, at the end of the day its up to you what shape u go for.and some1 said the mk1s look dated :eek: i dont c how if the mk1s look dated then that means the 16v and Williams are, but they arnt so thats that :Dlol

Just a link to my pride and joy :-
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robfenn and KDF thats a bit harsh. I could be equally nasty and say that everyone ive spoken to when i told them i had a 172 said ewww, i hope its not the new shape one. I happen to like the new shape 172s, probably equally to the mk.1s. This topic has turned to a personal opinion declaration.

Personally I would go for the MK2........main reason, 3 years warranty! With Clios being built as they are it comes in handy!

Plus I think the MK2 has the edge, just.........;)

at the end of the day i dont think many people are going to say.... "my favourite is the MKx as I think its brilliant but I bought the MKy" are they ?

.ok so some people might do.....but i would never buy a car for any reason other than i liked the look of it... warranty doesnt come into it.. if it has some then all the better... if not then i have to dig a bit deeper into my wallet from time to time !!!

We aint all gonna agree on this or we would all be driving round in either MK1s or MK2s but not both !!!!

I like mine best, and as i said, I dont dislike the others i.e MK2s but i wouldnt buy one for the reasons I gave above.
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MK2 just because I think it has one of the best fronts on any car around today, and overall looks like a better car. MK1 is still an excellent car, I just prefer the MK2, also has a better rear end which is what most people see anyway. ;)

MK1s have cult status, they are the original and more aggressive 172, to me it seems like the car has been toned down with the mk2(evo mag agrees with this!). As mentioned before, its raw and feisty, with more exhaust note, and is slightly quicker, you also dont see as many around!!!

The front end of the mk1 looks more distinct from the lower range cars of that model, unfortunately the mk2 front end has not much differing from the normal clio. This is obviously my opinion and not meant to slate mk2 owners in any way, I know how protective people get over their cars!! I know I do!!

I choose a mk1 over a mk2 for these reasons, and got myn in dark odyssey blue, which looks the nuts!! and its pearlescent!!!

right so thats your car yes ? (yes it is nice)

stick a piccy of the mk2 172 next to it then with the same views for comparison.... ?


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Quote: Originally posted by Zidan on 09 January 2003

"the mk1 looks tired and old"

Thats a bit harsh!

I meant In comparison the the MK2, not evey car on the street. If the MK2 had not of been built I would have went for a MK1 as they are better looking than most of the other cars on the road.

But when I looked at a Mk1 and a Mk2 side by side there was no indecision for me.