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MK1 Phase 1 Clio


a few questions for you all......

..1) will 16v seats fit into a MK1 Phase 1 Clio

..2) will the RT bumpers fit onto a MK1 Phase 1 Clio

..3) is NOS likely to kill off a 1.2 MK1 Phase 1 Clio

cheers Dave.

Well im sure theyd have the same attachment points as it wouldnt be cost effective for Renault to change them for ph2 and ph3 models.

I would only use 50bhp max for the NOS.

1. yes to the first one

2. phase 2 and phase 1 rt bumpers are the same only rear lights and trim that differs. phase 3 bumpers will even fit.

3. yes will go pop

1 & 2 everybody has said already

3> Will NOT go pop if you engine has no original manufacturing or faults from its service. As long as you set it up correct;y and dont fire it from idle or really below 3000rpm, then you wont ever have a problem. N20 is perfectly safe at these small amounts.