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Mk2 172 Vs Mk2 MR2.

Come on then which do you reckon is faster? Mates just bought an S-reg one.

Theyre 167bhp arent they? Rear wheel drive so quick off the line.

I reckon itll be very close.


they weigh a good 150 kgs more than the 172 but ive driven an earlier MR2 (154 bhp) and theyre quicker han youd think (scary in the wet though! i think the later ones have revised suspension but still watch out for backing off the throttle mid bend in the wet - great fun tho!
  Williams 2, STi N12

I did one coming down the A22 just outside of Eastbourne. On the exit of a roundabout we both booted it and there was a plume of black stuff out of its twin exhausts at every gearchange. I was catching all the time and finally caught up the 20 metres and passed when the speeds were reaching the magic ton. Not one to rub salt in the wound (yeah right) I continued with my foot planted and saw him off quite comfortably. One of the best moments so far me thinks.

If a willy can do it then Im sure a 172 could. Go forth and have him!!

i left my mates turbo pretty much standing off of the lights (come on)there crap and i loved seeing it in my mirror, the williams is quick and you beat it imagine what i did in my 172, i also raced a honda civic type R and blew it away uptil 85mph and then there was nothing in it he couldnt catch me and i couldnt pull away from him but i loved it

My best ever street race (the only time i really tried hard, as being a race driver, i kow how dangerous it canbe if you loose it on the road, no nice long gravel to piss off into) was witha MK1 MR2, the one with the 4AG-ZE (supercharged) engine....
we were hurtling along at about 125-130 everywhere, and it was along narrow bumpy roads where the clio was trying its est to swap ends braking over bumps, goin downhill!!

almost nothing in it, but in the long 800m (100mph) right hander (constant radius), all i was doin was understeering like mad, nothing you could do but hold the throttle, but he had it balanced so nicely with the rears sliding ever so slightly, and he got about 3 car lengths ahead...then a mini bus came and time to slow down...
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Easy tiger.... you stirred those GtiR boys up good nproper didnt you!!? p.s. mine can beat mk.2 172s too! fancy a race sometime!!? maybe we can meet with my mate in his Pulsar and you can show him how a Willy handles...

any time anyone wants to take me on i will seriously beat you see my 172 is actully pumping out 235 bhp so bring it on then (rolling road tuned 2 weeks ago so i got a good feeling it is still that) so come on williams i will f*cking blow you sky high! infact ill give you a head start, and yes it is a mark 2
  mk2 172

seriously though mate, what you had done for that kinda power? or has someone got transmission loss figures wrong?