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Mk2 172 Windscreens

Because of a crack in my windscreen, RAC windscreens will be coming to replace it. I believe the 172 is different to other clios, is this correct? I said this on the phone and they said that there is a normal or heat reflective, i said the heat reflective one.

Anything else I need to know to get the right one??? Thanks, T

Got it booked in for the 29th ! They are BUSY!

One thing is that I was told it wouldnt have Renault on it. But apparently Renault dont make the screens and it will come from the same place.

How can I make sure its the right screen (ie, heat reflective) before its fitted?

Also, arent all the windows etched/security coded? Can i get the windscreen recoded - anyone know anything about this? Im in work so I cant check the docs until I get home tonight.


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they should also by law have the airbag stickers on them.. look at your original and you will see what i mean.

Tony - I had to have the seal around my windscreen replaced under warranty and they had to replace the windscreen at the same time - it went in 3 times before they got the right windscreen - even at Renault!!! First was not heat reflective, second was wrong tint, and third it was right - and I waited ages each time, even though Autowindscreens is just over the way from the Renault dealership and they had what they would put in in stock - Renault said they werent Renault ones so under warranty they wouldnt fit them - so maybe they are not all the same?

It has both rain and light sensors, one for the wipers and the other for the xenons obviously. It is also as you say heat refflective (looks blue tinted from outside in the light) and has airbag stickers on it!

Personally I dont think they are great windscreens, had my car since jan and my screen has several scratches on it, where from I have no idea?


  Audi TT Stronic

yes but the rain sensor and light sensor isnt anything to do with the windscreen.. the sensor is in the bit where your rear view mirror attaches to the window. just make sure its re-attached to the window

Not had a problem..scratches wise..


  Audi TT Stronic

nope.. both the sensors are in the same bit ... try it..

put your wipers on auto then spit or put some water over the sensor, now cover the senser up with your hand and your lights should come on.

now go wash your hands cause they will be covered in spit and dead flys that were stuck to your windscreen.

Was sure they were separate, Ill take your word for it!

As for spitting, you go spit on your car, and give it a wash if its covered in flies! lol!

The 172 screen is the same as the dynamiques, mine is heat and sound reflective, blueish tint and has the light and rain sensor!
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I though only the light sensor was behind the rear view mirror! With the rain sensor at the bottom of the windscreen (that bluish tint at the bottom)

If it was behind the mirror that would mean it would be on the inside which is fine for a light sensor but not much good for a rain sensor!!

I guess if it looks the same and works the same then thats ok.
Might try and "force" my wipers and lights to come on so that I can test the new windscreen, if the work the same then ill be happy.

Now got to work out how to remove my richbrook tax disc holder (crack goes right through it) and find some more stickers for it.