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MK2 Clio wiring diagrams, Doors connector pinouts

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new to the forum,
I'm asking some info for a friend that owns a Clio 2 / MK2?
I actually dont know wich version is. The facts is that over here it is sold under another name. All the used replacements part or the wrecking yard have others parts that not always are ocmpatible with its car.

I think it is the "campus" version, it have the UCH N2, and have a "newer" sort of wiring loom. (here is called "storia" and runs on LPG)

All the diagrams I've found so far are for the older version, lets take the diagram in this thread:
Only by lookeing the center display clock I can see that that is not his wiring.

So far the most similar wiring loom is the one shared over here:

I also own the hynes manual and I've found some correlance between the actual loom and the diagram. Most of the times pins number are completly off. (no idea why)

Right now with that scheamtic I managed to install the front fog lights without any hassle. (I just replaced the stalk with the correct one and it worked at first try)

Unfortunatly he is also having some issues with the door commands and speakers when the doors are opened/moved.
I would love to have a schematic of the door connector to "beep" the cables and find out what are the bad ones.

I have access to Dialogic, but it does not have the right scheatics and the overview as shown in the linked thread.
Is there someone that have access to such informations or know how to get them?

Another question is the "turning signal pulse" available in the UCH-N2?
What I mean by "turning signal pulse" is that you touch the turn stalk without locking it in place, the turn signal works for some seconds, userful when change lane. (yea I'm sorry different languages)
Not sure if this function can be enabled/programmed in the UCH.
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