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Mk2 handling part 2

Got my 172 back and they couldnt find anything wrong with the handling, great, all they suggested was that the tyre pressure was out, but I checked that on Wednesday and it was fine????. They did find that my exhaust needs replacing (well the middle section) as the baffles are broken!!

Im going to take a Mk2 out tomorrow lets hope its dry and if it handles the same then Im affraid guys the 172 isnt all that and Itll be up for sale and Im going back to the 106.....
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shouldnt be that bad then, have you tried putting it up a little ?.......say to 35/36, worth a try an see what happens

Quote: Originally posted by geordiepaul on 08 November 2002

Didnt you test drive the car b4 you bought it!!!
Sellers dont take kindly to you ragging their motors around plus the reputation of the 172 also persuaded me more than perhaps it should of done.

I tell you what Slarty, come down on a track day near where I live (Im a Southern lad) and Ill pay you all your costs, everything if you can post a better time (in my 172) than I can do in the Pug. If not you can pay mine....

Yeah, I had a good old thrash for about 30 miles yesterday in the dry. It certainly is a quick car, but it still handles pretty poorly, it understeers and torque steers far too much, I know its got some extra horses but not enough to make this much of a difference.

Im not at all convinced this is a great "hot hatch" at all, its undoubtedly quick and got a far amount of toys in it but it is far to lively to be a great car, it feels like im in a boat it just rolls around, Id far rather have a stiffer suspension and feel the road more.

Also the build quality of these 172s is under severe scrutiny, mines already had a new gearbox and is booked in for a new exhaust as the baffles have broken, which can only be a manufacturing fault plus all the other reports of fauly water pumps, leaks, knocking noises, dodgy fog lights etc etc etc.

Im going to take a Renault guy out in the 172 on Thrusday after the exhaust has been replaced to show him what I mean, if its the way it should be then its up for sale.....£10k for a feb 02 Mk2 with 5.5k on the clock and 3 odd years left on the warranty....ANY ONE INTERESTED?

Bash - before you bin it, just fit a set of lowering springs. I lowered mine 30mm and it totally transforms the driving. I lowered mine to get rid of the roll rather than for the looks and it did that, and more. No idea whether it could beat a 106 GTi round a track as I havent tried, but it fills me with joy to drive and it always does what I ask it to do. Try the springs thing. If you can afford the depreciation on a brand new car, then you can splash out £120 for some lowering springs!



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Big Bash

With a name like Big Bash, do you think that your car problems are due to the way you drive it?


" it understeers and torque steers far too much".

All powerful front wheel driven cars would understeer or torque steer (Hence FR is still the proper format for racing). You experienced less understeer and torque steer in your old 106 because it was less powerful. Dont push the car too early, try to apply the cars extra power in exist rather than in entry.
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I think you just need to spend some time in the car and get used to it. It took me a good 3 months to get used to the power after coming from my 1.6 Fiesta Zetec-S. I used to get the power on far to early and it would just understeer for England, now Im used to it I have learnt to control it better. The problem with the 172 is that sometimes it doesnt inspire confidence in corners, but you learn that it takes a lot to really get in to trouble with one.

Just a bit abit about the exhaust. Ive had the standard exhaust replaced by renault under warrently. After a couple of thousand miles the rattle returned. I have since done a further 6000 miles and the rattles have dissapeared all together. So it seems that the exhaust needs 6k to run in. So I dont think Ill be changing to a new exhaust in the future as the standard one is pretty good anyways.

I can appreciate that Ill need to get used to it, Ive already started to get the feel for the torque steer, perhaps on a trackday its great fun with all that extra tarmac and run off areas to make things a little more inviting....But on the "real" roads it just squirms all over the place, great fun in some ways but the torque steer is "serious" torque steer you have to really fight it when powering round bends and roudies it just seems you have to fight it more than you should be.

Id rather have my pug, which I am not bullsh1ting about would definately cream on the 172 for pure cornering ability. Im really not interested in drag racing or 0-60 times if I was Id of bought an MR2 turbo (0-60 in under 5 seconds) for a mere £5k.

To really put the "more power/torque means more understeer" to bed, go test drive an Integra Type R and be prepared to admit the 172 handling isnt all that!
  Lionel Richie

My dads old mondeo 2.0 16v 137bhp estate beast use to understeer and oversteer (scary in an estate!!!) all over the shop, but thats cos i was burning around in it after wrting mine off (free petrol!!!!) I remember when we had the car spinning in 4th!!!!! Its how you drive the car, even my little 1.2 clio undeersteers all over the place, but only if your on the throttle. If youve got your foot down whilst your going round a corner, your gonna go straight on!!!! (some people do refuse to get in the car with me, cant think why?)

Mk2 172s hardly torque steer at all, what you are referring is tramlining i.e. the wheels are following the ruts and contours of the road. This can be quite pronounced on really rough roads under hard acceleration but its not a major problem.

I, like you had a 106 (mk2 Rallye) before my Clio and im pretty sure there is something amiss with your 172, the cornering speeds are higher in the Clio no question. Point to point the Clio is very fast (maybe not as fun as my Rallye though).

Are you possitive the suspension is standard?


Yep its standard, unless the Renault guys missed it!

So how stiff is your suspension (any of you 172 owners?)

No Im not referring to "tramlining", my 172 seriously tourque steers, I have to fight it going hard round a bend and then a major correction is required on exiting......

Mk2 172s dont suffer badly from torque steer so I reckon theres something wrong with yours.

Find a really flat smooth road and boot it from low speed it shouldnt torque steer.


Quote: Originally posted by Stu_H on 11 November 2002

Mk2 172s dont suffer badly from torque steer so I reckon theres something wrong with yours.

Find a really flat smooth road and boot it from low speed it shouldnt torque steer.

Id hope so (in a straight line!)

I dont think were seeing eye to eye on what torque steer is.

To me (and everyone else I hope) torque steer is when the car pulls to the left/right under hard acceleration when going in a straight line, this is due to unequal length drive shafts.

To me what you are describing is just understeer - you are turning into the corner and the car isnt turning as much as you like, due to lack of grip of the front tyres.

I still think there is something amiss with yours, as like I said I previously had a 106 Rallye and I havent been disappointed with the handling of my 172 (still miss my Rallye though).

Then again, it might just be you not getting on with the Clio, were bound to have different ideas of what makes a good handling car.

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Big Bash simple answer to see if your car is not 100%, get someone else who lives near you to drive your car or you drive theirs then compare
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On a perfectly level road, if you accelerate hard, it can tug a little to the left or right, but not excessively.

On an uneven road or undulating road, if you accelerate hard, mine also displays the same characteristics as Big Bashs - it will squirm left or right and you need to correct it to keep it straight. You can call it torque steer, you can call it tramlining, you can call it what you want, but you cant deny its happening.


Quote: Originally posted by ChavyBoy on 11 November 2002

Big Bash simple answer to see if your car is not 100%, get someone else who lives near you to drive your car or you drive theirs then compare
Okay dokey, who lives near N London, M25 J21A and fancies a thrash in my motor (who has a 172 as well)?
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I had a similar problem in my mk1 172.

Renault found that my tracking was out on front NS and once this was done the car handled fine.

Just another thought.

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If the handeling is the only part you would like to be better then make it so. Get a kit fitted.
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Bash I only live A few juctions from you mate fancy meeting up for a test ? I am at junction 30/31 which is the Dartford crossing.