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MK2?MK3 Door strips.

  R26r R26
I have just bought a pair of front door strips for a MK3 Clio to colour code and fit to my MK2.Put them on my car just to see what they look look with the silver badges I bought to put on them and have found out they are about 5mm wider than the original ones so I now have to buy the ones for the rear aswell.Serves me right for trying to cut corners I suppose.:(
  BMW F31
so they still fit right? im only asking cos i wanna get some too. do they fit neatly in the body?
  R26r R26
Yes they fit on the doors the same you will just have to but the rear ones as well as the front.Obviously you can just spray the existing ones but I think the badges are better on the Mk3 ones.