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Mk3 197 steering column into a mk2 182 ???


ClioSport Club Member

Other than Ruskiweldfab has anyone else adapted & fitted a 197 steering column into a 172/182???
Basically I’m looking for a final solution to poor steering performance on my 182 track only car.
I had issues with pipes/pumps etc on the original hydraulic system so converted it to epas which was ok (not sure about the feel) until I installed a quick rack then it just couldn’t cope with this & full slicks.
I fitted a higher torque motor but still kept cutting out after a few laps.
Now running full manual so quick rack & original column which had a great feel but just too much hard work on the arms.



ClioSport Club Member
I now have all the parts & I’m going to set about it, any input would be appreciated, I’ve picked up the parts off a mk3 200 so it still has an ignition barrel so hopefully that will make life a bit easier.


ClioSport Club Member
Conversion done & tested, what a game changer, no comparison to any of the other set ups I’ve tried.


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Mr Underhill

ClioSport Club Member
Been on a private airfield all day today, booked Cadwell for next Sunday so that will the first track test.
Cool. Cadwell is the perfect test. If you get time, could you ping me over a list of parts if you don’t mind? 😊 No rush. I’m at Croft in March for my new cars first outing. But I’m sure I’ll be making some modifications over the new season


ClioSport Club Member
You need be to handy at welding & fabrication or know someone who is, I’ve used a complete column from a MK3 cup as the cup still has ignition barrel & key & not the card.
So I cut the part that holds the ignition barrel off as it was square & cut the round ignition barrel holder off a MK2 column & welded it on.
Then fabricated a metal plate to mount the original MK2 indicator & wiper stalks on.
Next step was to extend the lower part of the column (the splined part) by about 3/4 cm, the MK3 end that connects on to the the rack will fit the MK2 rack no problem.
I then removed the MK2 column, top part of dash & clocks.
When I offered up the column I found the motor & controller on the Mk3 are mounted on the top so I had to completely cut the mounting bracket off the shell to allow enough space to get the new column into place.
I then fabricated a bracket for the two mounts closet to the steering wheel that was welded to the metal bar that runs behind the dash, then jacked the lower part of column up into position & fabricated 2x brackets that welded onto the shell & bolted to the lower column mounting points.
I finished it off by installing a Bruno steering MK3 steering electrical kit from Portugal & a MK3 steering wheel boss.


ClioSport Club Member
Update… full day at Cadwell yesterday, very wet morning & completely dry afternoon & this conversion has transformed the car, my confidence was much higher & no issues at all to report 👍