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Modifying and resale/trade...

  Clio 197

Those of you out there who are buying new and expect to trade in or seel your car in the forseeable future might think twice before doing any irreversible mods.

I know the temptation to make your car look that bit different from the others out there and personlise it a bit but just remember that the trade looks askance at any car that doesnt look just like it did when it left the showroom.

The best thing to do if you cant thoroughly enjoy your car in its stock form is to make sure that you limit yourself to bolt on bits and always save the stock pieces so that you can restore the car to original configuration at trade-in time.

Just a few thoughts on how to save in the future...
  Clio 197

You are correct there but many a young poster seems to be looking at a used Clio as a stepping stone toward a new(er) one or are buying a small engined one to use until their insurance for the bigger engined one is affordable.

My advice would be that the money saved on modding the first car could be either saved or used on bolt on bits that can maybe be transferred to the newer car.

Also, things like track days and drivers schools are a great value and you can enjoy the car whilst it is perfectly stock and upgrade the most important component: the driver!

If I had my money and time again, I wouldnt have bothered moding my old 1.2. Money down the drain come resale.

But then you can benefit if, like me, you buy a car with work already done (to the engine, as it would be a sin to touch the body of a 16v/Williams!).

Ed agree mate, but its quite obvious that moddin is gonna narrow the resale market. But a modded car is worth more than a standard one to the right person.

Ben explain why modin the exterior is a crime but the engine is ok?
  Clio 197

My Willy is completely standard with the exception of a CD changer.

In fact it is still on its original dampers. Scary, that! Sort of gives me the creeps at the bottom of Fuchesrohre.


Edd - agree with you too.....have not touched my 172 at all, and wont do...well thats a lie....clear side repeaters and thats it!!!....Personally dont think that any 172 or even 16V needs any body mods, they all look mean and purposeful as standard....I assume engine mods etc. will narrow the resale market even NOS etc. although Nick is keeping his monster for ever so that dont matter.....