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Clio Williams owners for TV

  Renault Clio
Hi everyone!

Just reaching out again for this.

Plum Pictures are making a new car show for Channel 4 and are looking to feature the Clio Williams.

We're a nostalgic show looking back on the history of motoring in the UK and how retro cars are being used now. We'd love to hear from any Williams owners about what they get up to in their car! Whether you're doing it up and could use some parts, have it in mint condition for car meets or use it for anything unusual, we want to know more!

If you're interested, please drop me an email at with a bit of info about your vehicle and I'll be in touch!



ClioSport Club Member
  172 Cup & 182 Trophy
Don't waste your time. She doesn't reply.....

I'm still waiting for a response from her from about 3 weeks ago........ @emilyjr


ClioSport Club Member
Where's that williams owner with the massive exhausts when you need him, was it ballcrusher? 😂
Surely not this one? :ROFLMAO:



ClioSport Club Member
Get yourself onto the Williams Owners Forum. There's a guy on there with a Williams 1 number 14. Looks like the day it came out the factory and even has the original book/sales letter signed by Frank Williams, Damon Hill, Adrian Newey and Ayrton Senna etc.