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Mods and waranty

I want to mod my Cup but whats the score with the warranty?

I can not wait for the Renault sport mods as it seems they will never come out.

So where is the best place to shop for an exhaust system, induction kit and decat pipe?

Are these mods ok with out a new ECU remap? What are your thoughts on these mods?

should I really wait for Reanult sport?

  Lionel Richie

I wouldnt wait for Renault Sport stuff, cos youll probably get less power and end up having to fork out more!!!!

On the plus side, if you get the Renault Sport stuff then youll still have your warranty.

Myself and Roamer both have fairly modified clios (his is a 172 mine is a 1.2 16V) and our local Renault garage dont seem to care about the exhausts or the induction kits or the suspension + wheels + stereo

Roamer has got a full k-tec exhaust (still with CAT) and a PiperX Viper + a Superchip remap and his made 184bhp. BUT on his first run on the rollers it was running very lean (Chris has the same spec and his was over fueling if i remember correctly) SO YOU DO NEED A REMAP
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Same here - my Renault dealer couldnt care less about mods - by the time Renault come out with their own mods your warranty will have run out anyway!

In any case its a lot more fun experimenting with stuff yourself to find out what works best. Means you have a unique car rather than something that anyone with a cheque book can go and pick up from a dealer.

I took my car to the dealer for warranty work and they never said anything about the mods.

I have a induction kit - back box and meshed front lower grille.

Hehe, the k-tec exhaust? well, I think Ill let Mike speak about that, he can describe it so much better than I can. ;)

My Cup is a regular at the dealers and they did not even notice the bigger wheels and lowered suspension until it was parked next to there demo car.

One mechanic said he was glad i had the filter on as it saved him taking the air box out to look as something.

I think i will go for some bucket seats and exhaust next for my Cup.

Your lucky with the cup that you can do the seats, I havent heard of anyone yet whos changed their seats in a 172 due to the airbags/pre-tensioners etc.


  Audi TT Stronic

erm, the Cup has pre-tensioners too though ..

+ why would a 172 owner want to change the seats.. the are lovely the way they are.
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

K-tec exhaust.......MENTAL...was that the word Roamer?

It does sound really good....and ive got one!!!(y)
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Quote: Originally posted by Roamer on 11 February 2003

Hehe, the k-tec exhaust? well, I think Ill let Mike speak about that, he can describe it so much better than I can. ;)
If you get a k-tec exhaust, expect a visit from Hans Blix and his men searching for weapons of mass destruction!