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Monitor for my consoles

As I now have both a PS3 and Xbox 360, and very little room in my cupboard where my TV is, im looking to get a monitor and put it in the spare room, so that I can have a "gaming room" :approve:.

I want a HD monitor with 2 HDMI ports so that I can play both consoles in HD, also as big as you can get within budget (so probably looking around 22-24").
My budget will be around £150 mark (but the cheaper the better really).

Anyone able to shed light? :cool:
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Make sure you look at the resolution over the inch size.

I have this at the moment that I use as a TV/DVD player/Pc monitor (For gaming). Works like a charm, colour is good and picture is sharp. Only has one HDMI socket but it has a VGA as well (VGA should be the same quality really)
(I know people will be like "Omg its not a Sony, Samsung or LG." But for the price its very good, and in my opinion its better than most of other LCD's on the market in the same size
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I use my xbox on my monitor via VGA my pc is plugged into it too via DVI, is that an option ? Looks brilliant for me.

Using this monitor


Can get them on ebay for about £100 new or nearly new.