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(more) 182 Clarification

  Renault Clio
I've seen a local ad for an arctic blue 182 Cup FF. I can't decide what it is.

It's got the cup pack spolier and splitter, but it's also got half leather seats and the jet washers for the headlights which I didn't think the cup came with. I thought it was just a FF but there a little "Cup" sticker under the Renault logo.



ClioSport Club Member
  RB 182 Cup
Yep some plonkers been adding stickers.

For reference the 182 cup only came in Racing Blue and Inferno Red/Orange.

As it's a Artic Blue it'll be a standard car with cup packs. Which isn't a bad thing. You used to be able to tell on the cup packs based on the rear wind and wheel colour (grey instead of Silver), but these days it's a bit harder. Again though, it doesn't really matter too much. Buy on condition and history and you'll be all good hopefully.