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More colour opinions required.......

Very nice colours, if you have the money then go for one of them, if not then id have the yello still! And i dont like flackey paint, looks like nail varnish.


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You asked for opinions!

I like green and purple, the colours go well together.

If you give me a picture of your car I can try to mock it up in photoshop in those colours to see how it looks.
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Dont go for the first colour mate as I have seen this on an Orion and it looks max muppet. The light blue is nice however.

did not bother looking at the link for the rage colours, did like them at first but ive gone of flip paint with more than one flip. still think tony baby blue /gold flip is the only colur i would do my car but to be different i think you should do spider yellow with a blue in the pearl, its yellow and not cheesy looking like the 3+ colur flips everyone is doing


obviously personal choice but flips are going out of fasion, next year it will be bright in your face crowd drawing colours.

im still a fan of a base colour with a pearl over the top of it, subtle but effective

dont do the purple/green flip - it is sooooooo common - it is quite nice but every flip you see is that one!

yellow is best!!!!!!!!!!! :D

or if you like blue the best blue by far and i would def spray it on my clio if i was keeping it is the blue found on the yamaha R1s and R6s. is an amazing blue pearl looks the nuts whatever the weather


16v Clio

The first extreme one you have the link to (blue-Green) is bloody loverly. I had mine booked in at Street Specials for that colour before i chickened out.

That flip is quite a bit more expensive than the other flips on the site but is worth it as it is the nicest.

Personally i am glad i didnt go for a flip now as i think that they are nice but i prefere just one nice solid colour like the yellow you mentioned and it would be cheaper! I also think that flips may go out in time and same as metal flake and in 5 years time could look back at them in the same way that we look back at 3spokes or venoms.

Just my opinon,

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JillyB I agree with you, a really really shiny black is the best colour you can get. Ive went for the Audi Brilliant Black for my respray.

I dont care if its out of fashion that escort colour in the first link is awesome, my favourite by far

And I dont like flakes either


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i have seen a golf mrk 4 with a matt black on it and OMFG it looks soooo tasty i would have mine in that it looks wicked and would look well nice on a clio.


if only i had a couple of grand for a respray :(