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Morning all

:rasp: Morning, first post as on the brink of getting a 197 - just thought i'd say hello and ask what you all think of it - worth it?? good / bad points? anything to look out for? {recently come from the VW scene / fancy some thing a little different} and what are the possabilities with clio's, thanks for any replies, I'll be around a fair bit I spect ;)
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Hi, welcome to CS!

197's are growing on me! Didnt used to like the look but the more I see the more I like!

Which are you thinking of getting? The cup? If so...mmm ;)
Get your membership paid up (you get a goodie bag) and browse the Clio Media section, lots of pics and reviews!

Enjoy CS!
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yeah looking at getting the cup 197 - but looking for pointers on what to go for really ???

Not that many options

I'd recommend A/C and Recaro's as a minimum for quicker re-sale.

Other options are down to personal choice, however, as the cup spoiler is such a love/hate item I personally wouldn't have it.

PM me if your after a price on a new car. Current delivery is mid december.
yeah sorry dude you have PM - dont want the cup - just the 197 with bigger spec, what are the differences between them and why can't i get the options on the cup that i can on the 197 sport as the sport has the same cassis and suspension etc? and the coooool air vents in the back of the front wings/arches