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Mot expiry date?

  phase 2 clio 172
Sorry to be asking this question but my mot test certificates expiry date is 27/01/11 my question is, is it valid till the end of the 27th or not? I have it booked in on friday as i'm working till then. Like I said sorry to be asking this I did a search and couldn't find a definative answer. Thanks for any help.
I'm sure its valid up to and including the expiry date.

After that it must not be driven except from directly to the garage that is doing your MOT


ClioSport Club Member
  Gentlemans spec 200
Midnight of the 27th, and obviously you'll be fine on friday as you'll be driving direct to a test centre.
Mine was due the 1st of november I didn't realize untill the 10th of January. I wouldn't worry 2 much. I even got pulled off the police full check of me and the car nothing came up :s


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Pmsl so did I! Two people with nearly the exact same name?

It's hardly a common name ffs! Humperdink!

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