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MOT, Service & Maintenance


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
That time of year again when the 182 was due its MOT, Failed on o/s/r handbrake cable and some brake pipes too replace, Managed to do other little jobs at the same time, Full service, Air Con re-gas, fitted some bradded hoses, bottom ball joint and replaced the centre pipe with a Scorpion straight pipe. Sounds lovely but not too loud or boomy.

Keeping it up to a fully stamped book with 11-12 stamps is not only peace of mind for me but when I do eventually move the car on I know its been treated right with no expense spared.

Next Summer job is too replace all the tyres as they are all weather and there awful!! Any suggestions would be great, The car is garaged and only used on sunny weekends so dont want so spend an absolute fortune.

Really enjoying owning this one, been the 2nd owner knowing its been looked after really makes a difference as i ve owned these cars when they were £1500 years ago and they had been used and abused.
  R5gtt, 182, volvo...
All 4 of my Michelins are cracking but have stacks of tread on…

I love them but they’re perishing long before I cover half their tread life.

They rot out so fast.