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Motherboard Help.

  Focus ST-2
Does anyone know of a good cheap 939-sli motherboard? Wanting to upgrade my old comp with a new graphics card.

Still a good system so that’s all it needs 939 sli board and card

Main reason for doing this, the 6800 ultra I had in the computer is buggered, would now be the 6th replacement and so decided enough is enough.

It’s a BFG so has life time warrantee, asked if I can upgrade the card and they have agreed.
  172 Cup
I say normally because the term "B grade" varies from retailer to retailer.

Best to double check what their interpretation is mate.
  Focus ST-2
what way would you go ati or nvidia, barring in mind i already have a 7950 gx2 in my new bulid. lol

never going to sli in this comp anyway so a 56 board compared to a 106 board for sli can't justify it.
  172 Cup
Anytime mate. If you want any help with it when it arrives (perhaps you may want to overclock the cpu etc) let me know as I've used the DFI nF4 mobo's alot over the last 12 months.