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Mozilla Firefox Problem.... Help Please!

  Leon Cupra R 225
I've just got firefox onto a new pc and have a small problem :dapprove:,

Basically when I go onto
for example.....

and try to view any of the videos on the site it tells me I need to install additional plugins to play content on the page.

Which plugin do I need? Has anyone else had this problem and solved it???

I really don't want to go back to Microsoft Internet Explorer and would appreciate helpful guidance.

  Leon Cupra R 225
darren_rallye said:
Doesn't it recommend the plugin you need, and you click on the corner to install..?

It says no suitable plugins we're found. And then has a box which says manual install. Which takes me to microsoft website showing windows media player versions available for download.

This is really confusing. :S
  Leon Cupra R 225
I have the same problem i use the 'IE Tab' extension.

You'll get a FireFox logo on your FireFox status bar, when you click it it changes the tab to an IE browser tab.

Also you can right click on a link or tab and select 'Open in External Application' and it'll open in an IE window.

Hope this helps
  Leon Cupra R 225
I have installed the IE Tab extension and it switches fine, it's just a tad annoying that Firefox won't support certain sites with video links.

Oh well. It will do for now. Cheers for the help Adamio.
It's all about the Opera ;)

Thought to be fair it does sometimes have issues with some stuff. I find it a much more complete 'out of the box' browser though. Sorry, I know that's not very constructive :eek:
  Leon Cupra R 225 said:
Make sure windows media player is installed and configured correctly

Are you using a legit copy of XP?

i think it may be my windows media player not configured correctly I have version 11 and haven't changed any of the options menu's etc yet.

Yes my copy is legit thank you. XP Media Edition
  Leon Cupra R 225
Dink said:
is that ann angel i spy in the background:eek:

Yes it is but if you visited the site you would see that it's daily random videos mainly from America being uploaded onto the site. Any 'porno' looking images are flash ads etc that are on every page of the site :rasp:
  1996 Valver
When I got my new PC, I had this prob (no FF, was using IE) and solved it by downloading codects* sp?? from microsoft.

I'm not PC expert so may be talking cr*p, but it worked for me.