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Please HELP!! Lost 1st gear!

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can give me some help with my 182 gear box.

The box was replaced with a reconditioned box with all new internals it was replaced last summer and the car has only done 5000 miles since also with a brand new clutch. Absolutely no issues what so ever perfect gear changes etc... until all of a sudden cant select first gear.

I've got all other forward gears 2,3,4,5 and reverse - Theres no noise / crunching or anything that makes me think that something has gone wrong in the box - drives perfectly apart from no first gear!

upon inspection its clear that when trying to select 1st its hitting off the plastic that stops you going into reverse. When you lift the reverse lever it goes over that plastic and goes into gear and reverses fine.

Any ideas what this might be? do i need to try and adjust my gear linkage if so how do i do this or do you think its a gearbox problem?

any help on this would be massively appreciated!!

In the first two pics thats trying to select first gear - as you can see is hitting off the plastic
third picture shows reverse and it is engaged fine


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  monaco 172
I think all that spring does is makes it return to the centre when in neutral, but I suppose it could have got dislogded and stopping first.

You could try undoing the selector rod pinch bolt and realigning just to make sure it's not the selector rod which has moved slightly.

Mark it with tip ex though so you can go back to where you started if that's not the issue as they can be a pain to reallign