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Mp3 to music cd what format?

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Hi guys I’m trying to burn a music album but it’s in mp3 format I want it in music format, what format do I need to convert it to? I’m using switch to convert it :S
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^ Yup.

Use something like nero, select audio CD and it'll automatically convert them to the correct format when burning so that you get a normal audio CD.

Maybe tho....... you could convert them to wave format ( .wav file) and burn to disc however you're planning on doing it but not entirely sure if the disc would work ok in a CD player.
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ok thanks will download nero now.

edit: any one know any where to get it?
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Send any mp3 or wmp file to the Burn Playlist (Its called something like that) in windows media player and then once you've got the songs you want, go the Burn screen and burn to disc. It will convert all to the standard CD format and make the CD an audio CD.

Some CD players wont accept CD-RWs so best to use a CD-R if you're not sure.

FInd the files you want on your computer right click and send to CD Drive. Then goto the CD drive and write all files to CD. Choose Audio CD and it will open WMP with it all ready to go!
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cheers guys sorted now thanks for the help, is there any where better than bit torrent to download mp3 cds ect.